• About Us

  • Take your home to the next level by adding additional smart home products giving Total and Full control of your home. 

  • Why Choose Us

    • Peace of mind

    Because we are accredited member of BBB, as well as the fact that we have been able to maintain Gold Star ratings in the last consecutive 9 years, you can be confident in working with us.

    • Competitive pricing
    We do not just offer great services but we provide it a price that will not have you break the bank. Also, we have customized services to meet just about every price range. No matter your budget, we will always find you something.We are also licensed, insured, certified, locally owned and have satisfied customers who are ready to vouch for us.

    • We handle everything 
    We literally do everything for you, including the wiring aspect of your home theater system and setting up projectors. After that, we train you and your other family members so that they can get the most from the system.
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    If you us design and install your home theater system, you will get great sound, elegant look as well as ease-of-use . As you will realize, we are not only artistic but also pragmatic when working for you. Our custom installation services mean exactly that- a system uniquely suited to the user.